New Audient iD14 and iD4 MkII – better, faster, stronger?



Check out the new Audient iD14 here:-
Check out the iD4 MkII here:- Today we're looking at the Audient iD4mkII and iD14mkII – brand new and very high quality. There's an audio demo, the old SM7B test, and a first look at the new branding and features. ★ GEAR WE USE A LOT ★
Audient Small Audio Interface
Audient Medium Audio Interface
Preamp Bank
Best Vocal
Affordable Vocal Mic
Clip On Mic
Portable mic recorder
Mixing Headphones
Best DI for Guitar
Reamp Box
Valve Amp Loadbox
Virtual Cabinet Simulator
Main Production Camera
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iTunes 0:00 – Intro
0:45 – The Backstory, the original iD4
2:01 – Looking at the iD4 MkII
3:13 – USB-C
4:36 – Redesigned power – USB 3 power??
6:29 – Shared dual headphone outs
7:00 – Looking at the iD14MkII
12:25 – Song Demo – Nirvana "All Apologies"
13:21 – The SM7B Test with the iD4MkII
14:46 – Power from iPad Pro?
17:49 – The Verdict
19:45 – Thanks For Watching *All links are affiliate links* #audient #iD4MkII #iD14MkII Source

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