June 3, 2022

macOS Monterey 101: 20 Monterey Secrets You Need To Know - Using Sidecar 2


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Video 1 of 20 for macOS Monterey 101: 20 Monterey Secrets You Need To Know If you're using a fairly recent Mac, you can upgrade to macOS 12 Monterey. Best of all, like every Apple Operating System, the latest version of Apple's desktop and laptop operating system is absolutely free to install. With all the new features introduced in Monterey, many of them are easy to miss. That's why we asked our favorite tech expert Matt Vanacaro to create this course where he shares Monterey's best new features and explains how to get the best of them. You will learn to use Sidecar, Universal Control, Quick Notes and the new Maps features. You will learn tips to better organize and find photos and notes, and how to use optical character recognition. You'll discover how Monterey can speed up your workflow, max out your laptop battery, and a lot more… in total 20 secrets that you need to know! So climb up to the top and conquer "Monterey"… Watch this course and start using macOS 12's great new features now!
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