How To Mix Vocals in FL Studio



This video shows you a simple method to mix clean sounding vocals in FL Studio.
Read below for more details, equipment and effect settings. ▶ Singer (My friend David) – ▶ Time Stamps/ Chapters
0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Topics Covered
1:20 – Simple method
2:10 – EQ Subtractive
5:10 – Compression
8:10 – EQ Stage 2
9:10 – De essing
9:40 – FX 11:00 – Advanced Processing
16:30 – Pro vs Home studio vs iPhone ▶ Equipment and Plugins
Home studio – Rode NT 1 + Apollo twin Pro studio – Neumann U67 + API 1608 +1176 comp + pultec EQ Fruity Parametric EQ 2 (stock)
Fruity Limiter (stock)
Fruity Reverb 2 (stock)
TDR Nova (free)
TDR Kotelnikov (free) ▶ Some notes (Not Rules!!) – EQ – listen to the vocal and ask yourself "what does this need more of?" or "what does this have too much of?" This should help focus your EQ choices 🙂 Compression – Set ratio at 3:1 and lower the threshold until you are hearing and seeing compression. Then set the attack, release and ratio until you are happy with the result. ▶ Videos for further study:
Free template –
Compression –
Saturation –
Vocoding –
How to use FX – ▶ My Soundbank 'In The Mix Serum Essentials': ▶Join my free discord server:
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