December 22, 2021

FL STUDIO 20.9 | What's New? 2


TRY FL STUDIO [Time Unlimited] – https://support.image-line.com/redirect/TRY_FL_STUDIO
BUY FL STUDIO [Get Lifetime Free Updates] – https://support.image-line.com/redirect/BUY_FL_STUDIO
LEARN FL STUDIO [Self Teaching Resources] – https://support.image-line.com/redirect/LEARN_FL_STUDIO Intro Song (Original Mix): https://music.lollievox.com/album/ill-be-your-madonna Demo Projects: https://forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?p=1682070#p1682070 Video Index: 00:00 Introducing FL Studio 20.9
00:29 Summary of features covered
00:41 New Effects | Pitch Shifter
01:10 Pitch Shifter | Voice Mode
01:52 Pitch Shifter | Music Mode
02:32 Pitch Shifter | Delay
02:54 Pitch Shifter | Absolute Mode
03:19 Pitch Shifter | Shimmer Reverb
03:53 Vintage Chorus
04:59 Patcher
06:00 FL Studio Mobile
06:17 NewTime
07:13 SoundFont Player
08:07 Frequency Shifter | Visualizer
08:27 Layer | Sequential Playback
08:54 VST Wrapper
09:05 Sampler & Audio Clip | Stretch Pro
09:41 Playlist | Multiple Selection
10:21 Playlist | Merging Clips
10:45 Recording Location
11:59 Playlist | Recording Controls
12:36 Playlist | Cloning Tracks
13:18 Improved Undo
14:05 Improved Automation
15:00 Context Aware Plugins
16:08 Improved Event To Automation Conversion
16:27 Apple Silicon | VST Bridge
16:47 Improved Typing Keyboard To Piano
17:07 Unlocking FL Studio | Persistent Token
17:25 64-bit file length support
17:37 Channel Rack Selectors
17:46 MIDI Scripting
18:18 Updated UI
19:20 Outro Song: "LollieVox & Lezina J – I'll Be Your Madonna"
20:54 Please tell me you saw that Seagull. FL STUDIO reference manual links: Pitch Shifter: https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-beta-online-manual/html/plugins/Pitch%20Shifter.htm Vintage Chorus: https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-beta-online-manual/html/plugins/Vintage%20Chorus.htm FL Studio Mobile: https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-beta-online-manual/html/plugins/FL%20Studio%20Mobile.htm Patcher: https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-beta-online-manual/html/plugins/Patcher.htm NewTime: https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-beta-online-manual/html/plugins/Newtime.htm Playlist: https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-beta-online-manual/html/playlist.htm#track_rightclick_menu Sampler: https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-beta-online-manual/html/chansettings_sampler.htm SoundFont Player: https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-beta-online-manual/html/plugins/SoundFont%20Player.htm Automation Editor: https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-beta-online-manual/html/playlist_automationclip.htm#AutomationClip_ChannelSettings Event Editor: https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-beta-online-manual/html/automation_eventeditor.htm Typing Keyboard To Piano: https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-beta-online-manual/html/toolbar_panels.htm#typing_piano MIDI Scripting (Documentation): https://www.image-line.com/fl-studio-learning/fl-studio-beta-online-manual/html/midi_scripting.htm MIDI Scripting Forum: https://forum.image-line.com/viewforum.php?f=1994 NEWS – https://support.image-line.com/redirect/FLSTUDIO_NEWS Image-Line Software The official Image-Line channel for FL Studio and related plugin videos. Watch tutorials, artist videos and product releases Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIvgfWkbJEY



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