October 10, 2021

πŸ€” Thickify vs Sausage Fattener - who wins this #plugins battle? #shorts 2


πŸ€” Thickify vs Sausage Fattener, the battle between two plugins to help make your drums knock louder. Who wins this battle in your opinion? I think they honestly kinda sound the same, although Sausage fattener sounds like it adds some high mids, Thickify sorta retains the bass better in my opinion. Both dope #plugins to have in your arsenal! And depending on what sound you place them you can get the results your looking for. I would say Thickify is definitely a good investment because it has additional parameters your can mess with that sausage fattener does not have. #beatmaker #musicproduction #beatmakertips #producertips #cjbeatz #flstudio #logicprox #ableton #thickify #plugin #vst Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAKz-PLo2M0



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