November 21, 2023

🤔 Thickify vs Sausage Fattener – Who Wins The Plugins Battle? 2


Thickify vs Sausage Fattener Review Video

Thickify vs Sausage Fattener, the battle between two plugins to help make your drums knock louder. Who wins this battle in your opinion? I think they honestly kinda sound the same, although Sausage fattener sounds like it adds some high mids, Thickify sorta retains the bass better in my opinion. Both dope #plugins to have in your arsenal! And depending on what sound you place them you can get the results your looking for. I would say Thickify is definitely a good investment because it has additional parameters your can mess with that sausage fattener does not have.

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Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAKz-PLo2M0


What Does The Thickify Vst Do?

The distortion plugin, designed to add density and SWOLness.
Rocket Powered Sound created Thickify as a way for producers who want their sounds thick without layers of plugins - I've always loved using distrotion because it can transform sounds with just one click!

There are so many different ways this tool is used which makes sure you don't get bored from having too many options at hand (like some other DAWS).

Thickify VST DEMO Tutorial

How Does Thickify VST Work?

 I love using distorion as a sound design tool because it can transform both presets or custom made ones like me - every plugin has its own way of achieving this so we're all covered here at our disposal; options be damned!! Thickify is what you need to add some spice, density and swolness (that's loudness)to your tracks! It was designed by Rocket Powered Sound for producers who want the most dense sounds without layers upon painful layers.



Thickify vst review

How Does Thickify Compare With Sausage Fattener?

The use of distortion as a sound design tool has been around since the days when records were played on turntables. now we have plugins! One such plugin is Thickify from Rocket Powered Sound, which adds density and SWOLness to your audio tracks in an entertaining manner without layers upon layers infantiizers or other complex processes like convolution reverb for instance . I've always loved using distorion because it can transforming sounds.

What Does The Sausage Fattener Vst plugin Do?

Dada Life is a production duo who’ve been making music together since their teens. They know what it takes to get your crowd jumping and satisfied, so when they were commissioned by Tailored Noise 10 years ago to create an effects plugin with the same level of excellence in sound design as Dlife's other groundbreaking releases like "Dance Like fegen" or "Gimme Some OREO," expectations were high!

And sure enough-Sausage Fattener turned out beautifully on both counts: It became one if not thee most popular plugins ever made within its first month release.

How Does Sausage Fattener plugin Work?

Dada Life’s Sausage Fattener 10 years ago became a cult classic in the plugin world. It's quirky name and interface are only matched by its utility for top producers like Tiësto, Kaskade or Dipl0 who use it as their go-to amongst others! What does this mean you ask? Well there isn't much fuss about two knobs - Fatness which adds weight (or intensity) to your sounds while Color changes how they appear visually through tinting effects plus more

sausage fattener plugin vst

Is Sausage Fattener plugin Still Relevant?

For some reason, the simple plugins on paper can often yield more complex results when used in practice. One way you could potentially use it would be by putting a high-quality WAVE file through your favorite drum machine with Sausage Fattener enabled and turning up FATNESS just enough so there isn't any loss of punch from compression but still preserving raw sound essence while making everything brighter at once using different colors for each element until they start getting overlapping or blended together too much before tweaking filters & envelopes if necessary. 

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