December 9, 2022

MPC Studio 101: MPC Studio Explored - Welcome 2


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Video 1 of 21 for MPC Studio 101: MPC Studio Explored The AKAI MPC Studio is perfect for pros and beginners alike. Whether you use it to get inspired in your studio or to create beats on the go, this pad-based groovebox is affordable, compact, and super powerful. It's not without a learning curve though, so that's why we've asked Booker Edwards (a seasoned MPC user) to create this course and demystify the MPC Studio workflow. The course starts with an overview of the MPC Studio hardware. You quickly learn to set up a new project, load sounds before diving into the fun part: beatmaking! Booker shows you how to chop and edit samples, apply FX and create the foundation of your track. You learn to play the pads chromatically, add melodies and a bassline. When all the elements of your track are in place, it's time build an arrangement and finalize your track. And along the way, you also discover the Half Speed FX, different ways to use the Touch Strip, and many more different tips and tricks. It's time to make that sonic magic happen… Join Booker Edwards in this 21-tutorial course, and take your beat-making skills to another level with the MPC Studio. More info on this title: Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esTPVro5rn0


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