July 5, 2022

Fast Flute Trap Beat 👉 "Run It Up Vol 2" 🎹【Prod By InsaneBeatz】 2


There's a Fast Flute Trap Beat of song that not many people are making these days – the instrumental. This particular track, "Run It Up Vol 2", was produced by Insanebeatz and you can hear how unique it is with just one listen! The melody isn't simple at all; instead there are some really interesting additions such as bursts flute sounds mixed into everything else for good measure too. ✅🔻🔻🔻 More Information Below🔻🔻🔻✅ 🎹 👉: Download This beat 👉: https://thecorporatethiefbeats.com/run-It-up-vol-2-beat
🎹 👉: Buy Beats Here 👉: https://thecorporatethiefbeats.com/pro-beat-store This is the second volume in Insanebeatz's series of 'Run It Up' instrumentals. The drums are booming and have a very interesting off-kilter melody that will make you want to sing along! This beat was made for rappers who can freestyle over it without hesitation because there isn't much else like this around, so take advantage while we're still newbies on top (I'm looking at YOU%). 💻 Hooks Beat Pack 👉:https://thecorporatethiefbeats.com/commercial-hooks-beat-pack/ 💻 Sub My Channel 👉: https://www.youtube.com/user/corporatethief?sub_confirmation=1 =====================================
Time Stamp – Instrumental Song Structure
【00:01】Warped Flute Intro
【00:21】Rap Verse – 1
【01:09】Instrumental Hook
【01:39】Rap Verse 2
【02:03】Pre Chorus
【03:10】Rap Verse 3
【04:25】Instrumental Piano Solo Outro
================================= #flutetypebeat #trapbeat #fasttrapbeat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUwLVpx-HVY


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