August 17, 2023

DaVinci Resolve 101: DaVinci Resolve Essential Beginners Guide - Standard vs Studio version of Resol 2


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Video 2 of 29 for DaVinci Resolve 101: DaVinci Resolve Essential Beginners Guide Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve is known to be a powerful color-grading tool, but it's a lot more than that! It's a full-fledged video editing software that can elevate your projects to new heights. And best of all, a free version of the software is available. Join expert trainer Kevin P. McAuliffe in this course to acquire all the essential skills needed to kickstart your journey towards becoming a pro video editor. Whether you're new to Resolve or moving from another program, this course is the best place to start! After giving you an overview of each version of Resolve to help you decide which one is best for you, Kevin dives deep into the software. He shows you how to customize keyboard shortcuts, how to seamlessly import your footage, and he reveals efficient organization strategies to help you handle complex projects with ease. By mastering Kevin's editing techniques, you'll be able to quickly create and refine dynamic sequences for your projects. Continuing with the course, you discover effective methods for applying video transitions and you learn fundamental audio mixing concepts. You also gain proficiency in essential color correction techniques, incorporating Lookup Tables (LUTs) to achieve unique aesthetics. Finally, Kevin explains and demonstrates the crucial step of exporting your project and the importance of optimizing it for various social media platforms. So get ready to embark on your journey with DaVinci Resolve. Guided by Kevin's expertise, you'll quickly evolve from a novice to a proficient video editor. More info on this title: Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2CBnjTtxm4


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