Compression For Piano



FREE EQ COURSE – In this video I take you through a mini masterclass in compression using a midi piano as our sound source. I will talk about all the controls of a compressor and how to use them to get the sound your want. Are you working on pop rock or hip hop music that needs a piano to sit well in the mix… Meaning not jump out too much but also not get lost but at the same time feel close and intimate in the soft sections???
Compression is the way to go. (04:50) We will dive deep into attack time and how much that can change your sound. Ever wanted to know the difference between a “squishy” piano and a “plinky” piano?? Well here’s your chance! : ) The video is about 12 minutes long so I suggests pulling up your favorite piano instrument and giving yourself about 20 minutes after this video to play around with the concepts inside and see what you discover! If you have any thoughts or questions just drop them in the comments! Now GO MAKE MUSIC Video Source

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