December 17, 2022

The Genius of J Dilla - From Detroit Producer to Worldwide Legend 2


In this video, I'm celebrating the genius of J Dilla, one of the most influential and pioneering producers in the history of music. J Dilla was an artist who not only changed the sound of hip-hop, but also the entire music industry. In this video, I'll share with you some of the reasons why J Dilla was so special and why his music is still enjoyed by music lovers around the world today. 0:00 intro
0:07 J Dilla, a respected music producer
0:23 J Dilla Runs into trouble
0:44 J Dilla not credited for huge record
0:58 J Dilla brief history
2:00 Dilla testimonial
2:23 Dilla tempo changing
2:55 Dilla Double Kick
3:12 How to find Dilla samples
3:24 Dilla reverb on drums
4:03 Dilla vocal chops
4:21 Dilla sound selection
4:30 Sonic texture
4:40 Warped Vinyl Chase Bliss Audio
5:47 Moog Voyager
7:38 Moog Voyager through Warped Vinyl 8:38 Final Beat
9:05 Thank you Free Music Production Courses
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