October 14, 2023

Song Production 102: Ordinary Miracle - Natasha Humera Ejaz - Heeray Moti - Vocals Electronica 2


Additional videos for this title: Song Production 102: Ordinary Miracle – Natasha Humera Ejaz by Rishabh Rajan
Video 3 of 11 for Song Production 102: Ordinary Miracle – Natasha Humera Ejaz "Ordinary Miracle" by Natasha Humera Ejaz is a captivating voyage through a diverse array of musical genres, encompassing pop, dance, RnB, and global music. Produced by Rishabh Rajan and recorded in Ableton Live and Logic Pro, "Ordinary Miracle" beautifully mixes electronic elements with a variety of acoustic instruments from around the globe. This course aims to inspire you to integrate these innovative techniques into your own music. Rishabh starts by looking at "Heeray Moti", exploring the vocal choir effects and instrumentation that make this song unique. Next, he dissects the captivating acoustic guitar hook in the song "Miracle" as well as the layering technique used on the vocal. He then dives into "Dobara Phir Se", a mesmerizing track that showcases vocal formant shifting and the enchanting sounds of the oud. You will gain insight into the creation of the synthetic vocal harmonies in "Give It Up To The News" and the creative process that shaped this track. "Cookie Jar" is next, a track that stands out with its house-style production and deep bassline. The course concludes with a closer examination of the song "Did You?", recorded and produced in Logic Pro. So join Rishabh as he delves into the artistic vision behind "Ordinary Miracle"… and get ready to incorporate these techniques into your own music. More info on this title: Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3rVbioiNxw


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