June 11, 2023

Logic Pro X Tutorial - Make a Custom Plugin Folder #shorts 2


Instead of digging through a ton of plugins subfolders; create your own go-to plugin folder in Logic Pro 🎧 Where To Find My Music
Spotify- http://sptfy.com/13sI
Apple – https://apple.co/3ngaoUx
Tidal – https://bit.ly/3xhAWtb 🪴 Official Creative MNDS Content
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My Sound Packs – https://bit.ly/3ax9LB2
Patreon Exclusive Content – https://www.patreon.com/courtneyhawkins 🎙 Music Gear
Yamaha HS7’s (Studio Monitors) – https://bit.ly/2S0Xs9B
Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 (Audio Interface) – https://bit.ly/32EwjeE
NI Maschine Plus (Standalone) – https://bit.ly/3ejUGUc
NI Maschine MK3 – https://bit.ly/3sFgcIo
NI Komplete Kontrol M32 (Micro Midi Keyboard) – https://bit.ly/3xf62Sp
NI Komplete Kontrol S61 (Full Size Midi Keyboard – https://bit.ly/2QjPIza
AKAI MPC Retro Edition – https://bit.ly/32h33KP
AKAI MPC Black Edition – https://bit.ly/3euJS5Z
AKAI MPK Mini MK3 – https://bit.ly/3ndTENP
Sequential Prophet Rev2 (Module) – https://bit.ly/3eoJRAx
Teenage Engineering OP1 – https://amzn.to/32FSAsm
Shure SM7B (Vocal Recording) – https://bit.ly/3xhtNcl
Shure SM57 (Acoustic Guitar Recording) – https://bit.ly/3xhqIZL
Fender Jazzmaster (Go To Electric Guitar) – https://bit.ly/3gyzrkz
Fender Mustang Bass (Go To Bass Guitar) – https://bit.ly/3eq1VKD
Numark Portable Turntable – https://bit.ly/3tN3b0O
Acoustic Panels – https://overtoneacoustics.com
Furman M-8×2 8 Output (Power Conditioner) – https://bit.ly/3tLLBKl 🎥 Film/ Video Gear – https://kit.co/courtneyhawkins/gear-i-use-to-film
🖥 Computer Setup – https://kit.co/courtneyhawkins/computer-setup 🥁 Where I Get My Sounds
Splice (Go to for loops and foley)- https://bit.ly/3CO43qe
Plugin Boutique (Best deals on VST’s) – https://bit.ly/2n3kR7w
Native Instruments (Komplete, Maschine, etc…) – https://bit.ly/2RTQSS5 Platform I Use To Get My Music On Spotify, Apple, Tidal, & More…
DistroKid – https://bit.ly/3tM3rgh My Go To Maschine Expansions
Faded Reels – https://bit.ly/32IGAGQ
Crate Cuts – https://bit.ly/3ndWhiu
Aquarius Earth – https://bit.ly/2Qva8F8
Certified Gold – https://bit.ly/3dKMm0P
Soul Magic – https://bit.ly/3nnaUjO **These are affiliate links and they do provide a small kickback to the channel at no extra cost to you. You don’t have to use them, but if you do, thank you for your support and allowing me to make more videos and content for this channel. logic pro, music production tips, music production tutorials This channel goes through the various aspects of how to use Logic Pro x and native instruments machine. Learn more about this channel here at the Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZFjDtb9T1g


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