March 5, 2022

LIVE: Kpop Trends with Alina Smith + Tips, tricks and Q&A 2


Interested in KPop music production? Want to get an insight into the latest trends and influences making a mark in KPop? Well buckle up and tune in! As a KPop producer with first hand experience pitching and producing tracks for KPop artists like Itzy, Red Velvet and Rainz, who better to ask than Alina Smith from Lyre Music? In this special 2-hour livestream we'll find out some of the things she's been hearing in Kpop and how that's influencing her work. From new sounds and trends to production ideas that are common to a lot of Kpop tracks. It's going to be a feast of musical inspiration with plenty of on hand demonstration, tips and tricks. ► Check out our selection of high quality vocal samples https://bit.ly/2XdjkSd
► Join the ADSR Discord Server https://discord.gg/3KtEWraUxt Kpop is an increasingly global cultural phenomenon, combining catchy pop music with energetic choreography with modern fashion and beauty everything needs to be on point to create an on screen spectacle. Like any modern genre KPop is constantly evolving with new groups, new sounds and of course pushing the envelope interms of fashion and style. Join, singer, songwriter and credited producer Alina Smith from production duo Lyre Music for a 2 hour livestream to discover what's up and coming in the KPop world. This is an interactive session so we welcome your questions, comments and suggestions. Want something covered? Join the stream and ask your question live or drop us a comment and we'll see what we can do! #adsr #musicproduction #producerlife #musictalks #vocalproduction #makemusic #creative #songwriter #learnmusicproduction #livestreaming #singer #kpop #kpopproduction #lyremusic Learn more from The Youtube channel Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUd9hoV-8K8


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