June 9, 2022

iMovie 102: iMovie for iPhone and iPad - Managing Media Between Devices 2


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Video 2 of 22 for iMovie 102: iMovie for iPhone and iPad There's no better way to start editing movies on your iPhone or iPad than using Apple's iMovie. This app, which is free to download from the App Store, lets you create stunning-looking movies quickly and easily. From simple family movies to 4K Hollywood-style trailers, iMovie can really do it all! Dive deep into this 22-tutorial course by trainer Matt Vanacoro, and learn everything about iMovie for iPhone and iPad… Many people like to shoot on iPhone and edit on iPad, and that's why Matt starts the course by explaining how to manage media between those devices. He also gives light and exposure tips to get the best result possible when shooting with an iPhone or iPad. Once your footage is ready, you dive deep into editing. Matt explains how to add your media to a new project, how to trim clips, add smooth transitions and create great-looking titles. He also covers advanced features like using cutaways, layers, and green screen effects. Topics like recording voice-overs, storyboard projects, the Magic Movie feature and exporting your masterpiece are also covered. So take your iOS or iPadOS device and grab some popcorn! You're about to learn everything about iMovie for iPhone and iPad… More info on this title: Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtQlwN2hmwk


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