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December 12, 2020 – Mastering and my Christmas Album / Free PlugIns and Sample Libraries and MORE!



If you need your songs mastered by someone with ears that isn't a computer, contact Dana at www.specializedmastering.com – tell him "Skippy Sent Me" for a 10% discount! He's awesome! FREE Sample Libraries and Plug-ins shown in this video: Sonic Coture – Hammersmith FREE –
https://www.soniccouture.com/en/products/p322-hammersmith-free/?fbclid=IwAR3dPqPysav4O-y1Ib2TWfSbcKs5sgDgikfZpp9HRziaapXORXg-tBJjY8w Free Guitar Effects – Nembrini – https://www.nembriniaudio.com/ Jon Meyer Sample instruments – https://www.jonmeyermusic.com/samples Vital Synthesizer – https://vital.audio/ Surge Synth Team – https://surge-synthesizer.github.io/ Buy Unify here:
https://www.pluginguru.com/products/unify-standard/ Unify 1.22 Updater available: www.ilio.com/unify-updates Free Unify Library – UniScream 2020: https://www.pluginguru.com/products/free-uniscream-2020-library-for-unify/ Pigments Unified Library:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/g6qokg8spuazg4m/Pigments%20Unified%20Library.zip?dl=0 Oblivion Sound Lab Hex Drum Info:
https://oblivionsoundlab.com/product/hex-drum/ Hex Drum has been Unified!
Library folder before installing the above FINAL VERSION THAT WORKS! We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience! More info or to buy Unify:
https://www.pluginguru.com/products/unify-standard/ There is also the free demo version of Unify to try (everything works, no saving and it quits after 15 min): https://www.pluginguru.com/products/unify-demo/ Learn More here Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxzbEc1E9AM

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