August 4, 2023

Create an Awesome Saw Pluck - Reveal Sound Spire 1.5 2


In this video, we’ll provide an in-depth explanation on how to create a great sounding synth EDM pluck using Reveal Sound's Amazing synthesizer called Spire (version 1.5). But wait there's a twist, I feature a new Mozart template, which I use as the base for MIDI notes and sounds. This pluck sound is unique, because it takes advantage of Spires AMsync wavetable and amazing FX Distortion and EQ Sections to create some amazing biting pluck sounds. Introduction 0:00
How it sounds 0:26
Setup 1:00
ADSR ENV1 2:25
OSC1 Design 4:22
OSC2 Design 5:19
OSC3 Design 6:45
Filter / ENV3 modulation 8:34
FX Shapper Distortion 10:15
FX Chorus 11:17
EQ Stuff 12:15
Delay / Reverb 15:41
Mixing / Tweaking 17:52
Outro / Cheers 19:47
Full Mix Playthrough 20:25 Learning Spires's synth by doing, is important because it gives us a hands-on approach to sound design and VST synthesizers. Synth pluck sounds are a constant presence in contemporary Trance and EDM music in general. Even when we hear organic or acoustic type sounds, they're often performed within software that uses synthesizer parameters to control or modify them… Do you have any questions, tips, or ideas about learning more with this Synth engine or sound design in general? Please Let us know in the comments section below! About Us:
LogicProHacks is a sound design company dedicated to helping like minded music professionals. Our goal is to express the love for sound design and technology through various music hacks with digital audio and hardware. We also build Logic Pro X DAW templates in music in genres like Trance / EDM, Classical, Heavy Metal, Dubstep and Ambient. Learn more about LogicProHacks at https://LogicProHacks.com Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos about Reveal Sound's Spire or other great sound design projects! Download Reveal Sound's Spire's Synth here: https://www.reveal-sound.com/ Spire, Spire VST, Reveal Sound, Pluck, Trance, EDM, Saw, VST, AU, Logic Pro X, Logic Pro Tutorial, Mozart The latest logic pro hacks Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJvx6LGRMAI


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