Bob Clearmountain’s mixing techniques



In this sneak peek, Bob Clearmountain shows us several of his esteemed creative mixing techniques including EQ, compression and reverb design using tools such as Altiverb and his own Clearmountain Domain plugin. Full video available exclusively on We're delighted to bring you the first ever MWTM video series with legendary mixer Bob Clearmountain! You can learn from Bob at his personal studio 'Mix This', which houses a modified 72-input SSL 4000G+ console that simultaneously feeds both stereo and 5.1 surround sound monitoring systems. Clearmountain takes you through his setup, explaining his routing, added console features, VCA fader layout, effects sends, and much more. He also shares his expertise on crucial areas that include monitoring, sample rates, metering, and equipment. He opens a session of the song 'Patchouli' by Squeeze, and mixes it in hybrid fashion using plug-ins and outboard gear. You'll witness how Bob treats vocals, drums, bass, guitars, strings, Mellotron, harpsichord, and his mix buss. He reveals the signal chains inserted, console EQ applied, and his renowned use of reverb and delay. You may also be enlightened by his approach to de-essing and compression, and his views on plug-ins versus hardware! Source

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