December 17, 2022

Bitwig Studio 403: Track Deconstruction: The Big Round Table - Gathering Samples 2


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Video 3 of 15 for Bitwig Studio 403: Track Deconstruction: The Big Round Table It's always interesting to know about the creative process of another fellow producer. In this course, the very talented Thavius Beck takes you behind the scenes and reveals how he created his song "The Big Round Table", from his latest EP Leo. Listen to the EP on BandCamp. In this course, you'll discover Thavius's workflow in the studio. You'll learn about his inspiration, the gear he used, and how he gathered and processed samples with the Roland SP-404 MKII creative sampler. He talks about his microphone choice and the way he recorded and processed his vocals in Bitwig. The course also covers his use of delay, how the different elements of the song fit together, and how he mastered the project himself using a 3rd-party software, iZotope Ozone. So watch this course and get some inspiration to create your next project. As professor Thavius says: "Grab your microphone, make some noise, and turn that noise into music!" More info on this title: Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCT_YyHE2hY


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