April 5, 2022



You can always customize every single shortcut in Logic by hitting Option + K. ⇨ Logic Pro Preset Kits – https://bit.ly/3vMUGU2
⇨ Im A Music Mogul Plugins – https://bit.ly/3mFvJrs Chapters
00:00 Intro
00:28 Enable Complete Features
00:49 3 Accessible Tools
01:41 Virtual Keyboard – CMD + K 02:08 Cycle Region – U
02:18 View Automation – A
02:26 Open Close Plugin – V
02:38 Toggle Metronome – K
02:45 Zoom In/Out with Mouse – Option + Scroll Wheel
03:11 Zoom In/Out with Keyboard – CMD + Arrows Keys
03:28 Duplicate Tracks – CMD + D
04:05 Transpose by Semitone – Option + Arrow Keys
04:23 Transpose by Octave – Shift + Option + Arrow Keys
04:38 Stretch Notes – Shift + \
05:07 Quantize MIDI – Q
05:56 Bounce in Place – Control + B
06:16 Reverse Audio – Shift + Control + R
06:28 Chopping Up Audio/MIDI Easily – Option + Click with Scissor tool
07:59 Mute Regions/MIDI – M
08:21 Quick Zoom – Z
09:04 Outro #logicpro Source: Adam from I am a music mogul is my go too channel for Logic Pro Tutorials. Adam teaches a whole load of techniques with Logic Pro but really caters to the making of trap beats and hip hop instrumentals. Watch more of his channel here. Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMHXg0o3Mlo


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