September 22, 2022

Transform SM7b Into Neumann U87 Microphone? Acustica Audio LAVA VST Plugin Shure Neumann 2


A new plugin claims to transform affordable microphones into the sound of expensive microphones. Adam from Real Home Recording gives it a thorough test. Skip to different sections below. Chapters
0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – Automatic Gain and Feature Requests
2:09 – Source Microphones List
3:43 – Acoustic Guitar (Shure SM81 to Neumann Gefell CMV M7)
4:09 – Distorted Electric Guitar (Shure SM7b to Sennheiser MD421 N)
4:37 – Stereo Acoustic Guitar (Shure SM81 to Schoeps M221F)
5:13 – Tom Drums (Shure SM58 to Neumann CMV 563 M55K)
5:56 – Drum Overheads (Audio-Technica AT4040 to Neumann KM184)
7:24 – Bottom Snare (Shure SM57 to Neumann M149)
8:11 – Top Snare (Shure SM81 to Shure Unidyne 545D USA)
8:45 – Adam's LAVA Impressions
10:09 – Resonating Dobro Guitar (Neumann KM184 to Brauner VMA)
11:52 – Changing a KM184 into a KM184
12:54 – Lead Vocals Shure SM7b and SM57 Microphones to Flea C12 and Neumann U67)
14:57 – Shure SM7b to Neumann U87 (Voice Over)
16:17 – Shure SM57 to Neumann KM184 (Voice Over)
17:20 – MXL 603s KM84 Clone to Neumann U47 FET (Voice Over)
19:09 – Snare Drum (Audix i5 to ELA M 251)
20:08 – Acoustic Guitar (Shure SM7b to Neumann CMV 563 M55K)
21:20 – Final LAVA Impressions and Pyle PDMIK1 Challenge Tips about recording, mixing and mastering audio. Learn More Here Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scabnFakkBw


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