February 10, 2022

SWAM 101: SWAM Audio Modeling Demystified - Introduction to SWAM 2


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Video 1 of 23 for SWAM 101: SWAM Audio Modeling Demystified Sample libraries, traditionally, are the main source of sound when creating orchestral scores in a DAW. They are all vast collections of pre-recorded audio snapshots that are actuated and strung together using MIDI velocities and articulation sets. SWAM, however, is completely different. You see, live musicians don't play in sampled snapshots. Quite the contrary, they are expressive, emotional artists who infuse every individual note, continuously, with musical feeling. That's where SWAM excels. It utilizes an advanced physical modeling technology that allows (and actually requires) the synthesist/producer/performer to continuously input their musical expression via MIDI control into the SWAM instruments to be ultimately rewarded with amazingly realistic and very human musical results achieving a verisimilitude that you just can't get from a sample library. This SWAM Authorized course by Matt Vanacoro shows you everything you need to know to make the SWAM instruments come alive. He even brings in live musicians who show you actual playing techniques you need to know to make the most of these amazing, plugin instruments. So join us in a journey of recreating orchestral realism in this SWAM 3 course by Matt Vanacoro.
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