July 22, 2023

Philosophy of Mixing Modern Pop Vocals | EQ In Logic Pro X (feat. Tommy Wiseau) 2


Sorry this was l8, I spilt root beer all over my "idea paper" iZotope Eq challenge: https://pae.izotope.com my merch:
https://goo.gl/yLxcMT Sorry this was l8, I spilt root beer all over my "idea paper"
probably will happen again
I appreciate all the support on the lofee hip hop video
you all are the best
I spent soo long editing that video
I spent too long editing this
I know this video pales in comparison to that one but
It was really hard to articulate this stuff
I was just thinking too hard
I gotta drive my parents to the airport in the morning
im putting this here so you'll remind me
thank England is my city
Europe is my town
My videos are shtty
I got 1,2,3,4 dollars in my bank account
I wrote on my shirt on top of a toilet paper dispenser in walmart
thats why it looks like I'm mentally crippled
im mental crippled here come the t a g z
pickle rick
How to make a rugrats type beat
How to eq a vocal
How to eq the right way
How to critically listen
wassa vocal
How to mix a pop vocal in logic pro x
Logic pro x
How to mix pop vocals
how to Vocal mixing tutorial
Logic pro X
crippling depression
How to mix vocals
How to mix vocals in logic pro x
how to mix vocals that don't actually suck
how to mix rap vocals
how to use an eq in logic pro x
How do you do ma'am?
Where do we all go from here
what's the point
is it supposed to comfort us that there is a possibility of nothingness
hello and welcome back to bwb [dot] cd rom
rom stand for read only memory
you will never actually utilize that information in your life
but now you know
Im gonna go
this got wierd
time to go make a burrito or something Mixed By The Academy Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLajdSWasXI


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