Mixing with a Reference Track



WARNING: THESE MIXES ARE LOUD… don’t have your speakers/headphone too loud. Creative Courses for Music Makers: https://gomakemusic.org/ Today I want to tell you about something that could revolutionize your mixing, develop your ears and teach you more about about music making than anything else…… Using reference music IN your mix session! This one activity can be the difference between a good mix and a great mix. Its pretty simple, and after you set it up one time you’ll see why it can be so helpful. Ill show you: How to set up your sub mixes (AKA buses) and mix bus when using a reference.
How to match levels between your mix and your reference.
How to quickly toggle between mix and reference to make critiques quickly. Why having some kind of mastering chain on your mix will help you make good mix decisions This is not about copying, its about having a stable point of “reference” that you can make your decisions with. Countless professional mixing engineers use references as a part of their process. The key is to find music that you love or music that fits the vision you are working towards. The more you listen the more you learn!! Video Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB1FbI2igds

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