August 3, 2023

Logic Pro 410: Designing Trailer Sound FX - Different sound sources 2


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Video 2 of 21 for Logic Pro 410: Designing Trailer Sound FX Sound effects are essential ingredients of every trailer. They're like the secret sauce that adds that extra punch of excitement, fear, and even laughter to the picture! Just as a skilled painter uses various techniques and colors to create unique artworks, sound designers carefully apply audio processing, synthesis, and layering techniques to transform raw elements into a captivating sound. In this 21-tutorial course, sound designer Alex Hollingsworth shares his mind-blowing secrets on creating thunderous explosions, heart-racing risers, eerie drones, and so much more, all using the mystical powers of Logic Pro! First, Alex covers the various sound sources that can be used for sound effects, from synthesis tofield recording. He showcases the concept of layering using Logic's Track Stacks feature, exploring sound effect examples like explosions and gunshots. Next, Alex dives in the depth of horror & thriller sound design! With Logic's ES2 and Alchemy as your goto synths, you'll learn how to craft sounds that'll haunt your dreams. You then see how to deploy Logic Pro's Sampler plugin to manipulate your sound designs even further, opening up endless possibilities for terrifying SFX. From there you explore Logic's amp modeling and guitar pedals to add unique textures to your sounds. And then there's the essential jump-scare and impact soundsAlex show's you the various techniques to perfect them. Finally, in a special Bonus section, Alex explores the realm of Cartoon SFX, demonstrating how to sample household items to create whimsical and quirky effects for animations and cartoons. So, cook some popcorn, bring your creative spirit, and join Alex Hollingsworth on this epic journey of sonic artistry with Logic Pro!
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