I Tested The 10 Best Headphones 2020 ($50 to $150)



What are the best headphones for music production and mixing?
It's a good question! Today I hope to help answer it. Please ask me anything about any of the headphones in the comments of this video and I will reply with detailed notes and feedback 🙂 Good headphones should:
1) Provide an accurate, spacious sound stage to aid in mixing and mastering music.
2) Reveal low, mid and high frequencies without distortion so you can make quick production decisions.
3) Faithfully reproduce the dynamics and transient response of the material. 4) Reveal the depth of audio material.
5) Feel comfortable on your head for many hours and be strong enough to withstand daily ues. These headphones I tested and the price at the time of video publishing ($USD / £GBP) Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro $143 = £108
Audio Technica M50x $143 = £108
Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro $82 = £63
Audio Technica M40x $102 = £78
Audio Technica M30x $68 = £53
Audio Technica M20x $44 = £34
AKG K 702 $154 = £119
AKG K 240 MII $70 = £54
Sennheiser HD280 MK2 $143 = £110
Sony MDR 7506 $115 = £89
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▶Time Stamps
0:00 – Intro
0:35 – The 10 Headphones
0:55 – How I tested them
1:55 – My favourite ($150 Budget) 3:25 – My Favourite ($50~$80 Budget) 4:10 – AKG 240MKII Review
5:08 – Sony MDR 7506 Review
6:05 – Sennheiser HD280 Pro MK2 Review
6:57 – Audio Technica M20x Review
7:30 – Audio Technica M30x Review
7:55 – Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro Review
8:20 – AKG K702 Review 9:30 – Final Summary Notes:
– It appears that the AKG K702 is now produced in China (it used to be made in Europe and cost much more). This likely explains why my experience doesn't match what others have said in previous years. – The DT 770 pro really is a step above the rest here and if you can afford it, I think it offers the best price to performance out of these 10.
– There were many other headphones which didn't even make it to this top 10 due to:
Lack of customer support/brand new company with no track record
Terrible first impression etc Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aa384XjPIX8

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