November 13, 2023

I can pick up the ultimate vocal recording system and take it anywhere. 2


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➡️➡️ Check out our ULTIMATE GUIDE TO REAPER with Pro Mix Academy:- https://promixacademy.com/course/the-ultimate-guide-to-reaper/ Today we're looking at building the ultimate vocal recording system that you can pick up and take on tour with you, in a single 500 series rack unit.
Featured are the Stam Audio U87i, 1037T and 1176 Revision A and La3a compressors, HRK Pultec style EQ, and De-Esser from DBX – as well as the much smaller K47 from Roswell Audio and 500 series chassis from Midas and Fredenstein. Find Stam here:- https://stamaudio.com/
Find HRK here:- https://hrkshop.eu/
Find Roswell here:- https://roswellproaudio.com/ 🔌🔌What gear to buy? We recommend interfaces, microphones, monitors and more at our Thomann (Europe) and Sweetwater (USA) links below
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