June 4, 2022

Dance Music Masters 117: Deconstructing Deep Inside Your Love - Intro 2


Additional videos for this title: Dance Music Masters 117: Deconstructing Deep Inside Your Love by Olav Basoski
Video 1 of 15 for Dance Music Masters 117: Deconstructing Deep Inside Your Love House music producer Olav Basoski is back with another course! This time he shares how he created his dance track Deep Inside Your Love. He reveals where he got his sounds from, which plugins he used, how he built the beats and the bass line, how he layered his sounds, etc. Olav deconstructs every element of the track to give you the music inspiration you need, so you too can put the dance floor on fire with your own music. After playing excerpts from the track, Olav dives into the essential element of any dance track: the beats. He explains which plugins he used to shape the kick, and how he glued the sounds together with buss processing. You learn how he created the thick bassline by layering different bass patches, and how he processed the pluck and piano sounds. If there is one single part of any production that should be treated as the most important, it's the vocals and this is, of course, covered in the course. Olav also gives some arrangement tips, he explains how he created the break, and he shares some of his favorite master channel plugins. So join dance music producer Olav Basoski in this course now, and get a "deep inside" look at his production and mixing techniques.
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