January 15, 2022

Dance Music Masters 115: Deconstructing Can You Feel It - Pianos 2


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Dance Music Masters 115: Deconstructing "Can You Feel It" by James Hurr
Video 3 of 9 for Dance Music Masters 115: Deconstructing "Can You Feel It" The soulful piano house single "Can You Feel It" (out on UK record label Perfect Havoc) is born of a four-way mega collaboration between Swedish producer Tobtok, label-head Adam Griffin, the incredible vocalist Moss Kena, and studio wizard James Hurr, who has engineered and produced many big tunes for the likes of Mark Knight and Michael Gray. In this straight to the point course, the talented and very knowledgeable James Hurr deconstructs the song and explains how it was created. Join him for a behind the scene look at the track, and get inspired to create your own house masterpiece. James welcomes you in the studio, as he explores "Can You Feel It" track by track. Discover how he layers different piano instruments to create the ultimate house piano sound. See the sample packs he recommends, and what he does in order to avoid distortion throughout the mixing process. There's also some interesting content about how he uses plugins meant for guitars to make the bass stand out. You get an overview of the effect plugins he used to process the bass, the synths, the pianos, and the vocals. He explains what he did to get the most sonically interesting sounds, the most iconic pads and to create the biggest impact on the dance floor! So join studio expert James Hurr in this Dance Music Masters course, and get an inside look at how this dance track was created.
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