June 21, 2022

Clipping your master sounds... GOOD? (Mastering in Ableton with no limiter) 2


Clipping has always been frowned upon in audio production. Today, we investigate an interesting method of mastering in Ableton by clipping our master instead of using a traditional limiter. This has become more and more popular with artists recently, and though unorthodox by traditional audio engineering, the results were shocking to me. We compare Fab Filter Pro L, Izotope Ozone Maximizer 9, Newfangled Audio Elevate, the Ableton stock limiter, and Clipping the master buss in this video. Download the comparison project for yourself here (Free):
https://www.patreon.com/posts/66304548 Original tweet (Inspiration for this video):
https://twitter.com/ihavenomanas/status/1521976495937245184 Seth Munson:
https://twitter.com/SethMunson Today's plugins can be purchased via Plugin Botique:
https://bit.ly/JGMPluginBoutique Chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
1:26 – Clipping your master instead of using a mastering limiter
3:22 – Limiter selection/settings for the test
6:16 – Comparing all the limiting options at +3db 9:40 – Comparing all the limiting options at +6db 14:07 – Final Comparison
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