May 3, 2021


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➡️➡️Learn more about Matt Lange here: These are some of Matt Lange’s favourite personal tricks, tricks he does within his own work! Try these 5 tips below which will help you find inspiration and reinvent your audio! 1.Pitch Shifting Pitch Shifting is, as the name clearly implies, the process of adjusting the pitch of an audio signal upwards or downwards, for both corrective (getting a vocal perfectly in tune, for example) and purely creative (changing the character of a drum loop, say) purposes. Once an esoteric process involving expensive hardware, it’s now a staple technique in music production of all kinds, made perfectly and effortlessly accessible to today’s producer by the power of software. When you pitch shift, you can also layer the original audio to make it sound ‘thicker’. You can also reverse some sections of the audio which can add a cool effect. 2. Use Reversed Reverb The easiest way to add some flare to vocals is using reversed reverb. The 2C Audio B2 can provide an interesting “underwater” type of sound, especially when reversed. 3.Morph Sounds Together Taking drums and morphing them with melodic material – by doing this you either create really ugly rhythmic stuff, or really pretty rhythmic stuff. The MORPH Plug In by zynaptiq is a great tool to morph sounds together. Depending on where you move the xy axis it is going to change which is morphing what. You can create these sounds using already existing material; all you have to do is create some structural morphing and play around with it a bit! 4.Making Pads From Already Existing Tracks There are a few ways you can do this. One of the ways is using the plug in GRM Freeze. With GRM Freeze, you basically just record the audio into a buffer and you freeze the audio, then you can play with the frozen audio a bit. You can also take a reverb, like the Eventide Blackhole, which has a freeze function, and you can create these pads on here. Whichever way you do it, making these pads are a nice way to create ambience! 5.Creating Washes From Other Already Existing Tracks You can create washes using a plug in/external app called PaulStretch. Basically, PaulStretch takes the audio and can stretch it a ridiculous amount. Because it can be stretched so far, you want to look for opportunities where it is being stretched, but not just holding the same note out. ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
➡️Waves MV2:
➡️Waves RBass:
➡️Renaissance Vox:
➡️Renaissance Compressor:
➡️Warren Huart IR Pack
➡️Warren Huart Kemper Pack ❤️GEAR:
➡️Stealth Sonics:
➡️UK Sound 1173:
➡️Apollo x16:
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