November 24, 2021

Waves EV2 SSL Vs Waves Mixhub SSL Plugin 2


Waves EV2 SSL Vs Waves Mixhub SSL Plugin
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Yup. Let me cut down to the point. Mixhub is better value. EV2 is the more realistic SSL plugin emulation, In my Book get the mixhub. Ive had it since launch and was blown away buy the buckets feature. Bagged in with the fact it also hosts other waves plugins inside its workflow as well. An is also a bang on SSL desk emulation. Well….. its just way better value, better workflow and better of a creative tool. If however you for some reason wish to remain pure and untainted with audio voodoo, Go for the EV2 I suppose. My CLA mixhub Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-s3gzGsPEU Releasing your music and want to make sure your fans stream your music? I put together a free guide of what i'm doing, Click. https://www.warriorsound.courses/musicians-streaming-guide-Ebook —– USEFUL STUFF—- FREE SAMPLE PACKS
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