July 14, 2022

Valhalla Plugins 101: Valhalla Plugins Explained and Explored - Introduction 2


Additional videos for this title: Valhalla Plugins 101: Valhalla Plugins Explained and Explored by Olav Basoski
Video 1 of 26 for Valhalla Plugins 101: Valhalla Plugins Explained and Explored Valhalla = Heaven The Valhalla effect plugins are well know for their outstanding sonics and user-friendly UI. However behind that friendly virtual faceplate is some pretty complicated signal processing, controls and audio routings. In this 26 video course audio wizard Olav Basoski takes you deep inside all six of these powerful effects. Watch this course and you will hear and learn about what these plugins do, how they work, and how to best deploy them in your productions. Take a deep dive into: UberMod
Valhalla Room
Vintage Verb
Valhalla Plate
Valhalla Delay
Valhalla Shimmer If you want to learn more about Valhalla and see these FX in action then this course is for you. If you don't own them, we know you'll be clicking over to the Valhalla website to buy them. Seriously! So sit back, turn up your monitors or headphones and see what audio "heaven" is all about! More info on this title: Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNiYY7Om3Cg


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