September 19, 2023

Transit 101- Transit Explored: Transit Explored - Introducing Transit 2


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Video 2 of 25 for Transit 101- Transit Explored: Transit Explored Transit is the type of plugin that makes you wonder, how come no one's thought of that before? It's the ultimate solution for creating transitions in your music, and with 18 built-in effects, it offers so many possibilities. It's a sound designer dream! From distortion and bit-crushing to chorus, phaser, filters, pitch-shifting, reverb, delay, and beyond, Transit offers it all. With so much to explore, we asked trainer and producer Olav Basoski to create this course and guide you through the ins and outs of Transit At the core of Transit are its seven effect modules, each customizable with a selection of no fewer than 18 effects that can all be controlled through the global Transition knob. Olav provides an in-depth exploration of each effect, explaining every control and demystifying their inner workings. You'll learn the art of combining and blending these modules to fashion awe-inspiring transitions. You'll learn to create wicked delay and tape stop effects. You'll also discover Transits flexible randomize feature, its Sequencer and much more.. What are you waiting for? Stop creating static mixes. Join Olav Basoski in this course now and get ready to harness the superpower that Transit offers. .
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