May 14, 2021

Tiny New MIDI Pedal! - How to use "The Futurist" from Matthews Effects 2


Get your Futurist here:-
Check out the Matthews Effects Website:- Today we're looking at the new "The Futurist" Controller Pedal from Matthews effects. How to use this tiny little pedal, all the cool tricks it can do in super depth!
This video is sponsored by Matthews Effects, and is a how-to video rather than a review. I do think it's really cool though.
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iTunes *All links are affiliate links* 0:00 – Intro
2:53 – Connections
5:55 – Program Change Messages (Triggering Presets)
11:00 – Control Changes (changing values on your gear)
14:22- Note On/Off – Trigger Samples etc
15:41 – Analog Tap Tempo – Including automatic BPM tapping
17:50 – Analog Amp Channel Switching
20:05 – MIDI Channels – change lots of gear with one cable run
22:10 – Saving common MIDI messages (Custom)
24:33 – Add an Expression Pedal (or more buttons!)
26:00 – Using USB as a MIDI Plugin Controller
29:56 – Program Way Faster – The Mac/PC App
34:50 – Closing Thoughts #MIDIController #Futurist #MatthewsEffects Source



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