December 6, 2021

Sync CDJS With Resolume Visuals (ShowKontrol Setup Tutorial) 2


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https://www.patreon.com/posts/59594709 In this video, we answer a question that DJs and VJs have been asking for years: How to sync Pioneer CDJs with Resolume visuals. Today, we learn ShowKontrol, an intermediary software that converts your tracks into SMPTE LTC timecode to enable perfect frame by frame synchronization of your live show. ____________________________________ Need more help? Schedule a consultation: https://bit.ly/JGMCBook If this video helped you, consider supporting the channel for just $5 a month:
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____________________________________ Chapters:
0:00 – Introduction/Prologue
5:53 – Things You Need
7:29 – Setup ShowKontrol
13:23 – Setup Resolume Arena
15:00 – Hardware Setup
15:42 – ShowKontrol Basics (Overview)
17:44 – Understanding ShowKontrol SMPTE sync
21:19 – Demonstrating sync with a song
24:07 – Selecting decks/clips with OSC
37:23 – Bugs with banks and how to work around them
41:15 – Building a rolodex of your songs
42:41 – Example With A Second Song
45:46 – Demonstration Using Real CDJS
47:31 – Running everything without a VJ (Autonomously)
48:59 – Important reminder (disable computer sleep)
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