July 22, 2021

Studio Monitoring Levels for Mixing | How To Monitor correctly w/ Jacquire King 2


Jacquire says he switches levels frequently when monitoring. “When it’s too loud it’s exciting, but you get ear fatigue,” he says. “It’s hard sometimes to judge the bass. I find that at lower levels, rhythmic and transient energy [and] vocal levels are a bit more accurate.” If you’re wondering why it’s harder to judge bass when listening loud, it has a lot to do with how our ears perceive sound. Pioneering experiments by researchers named Fletcher and Munson in 1933 and Robinson and Dadson in 1956 led to the development of the Equal Loudness Contours, which quantify how our ears discern volume at different frequencies. Read more: https://www.puremix.net/blog/monitoring-levels-during-mixing.html #monitoringlevels #jacquireking #pureMix Follow pureMix for exclusive excerpts and latest news 🎛️
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