Steve Genewick explains Al Schmitt’s mic preamp set up



In this sneak peek Steve Genewick shows Al Schmitt's favorite preamps used during their recording process.
Full video available exclusively on Step inside the world-famous Capitol Studios to witness the rare occurrence of a big-band recording session! Join the iconic Al Schmitt and renowned Capitol engineer Steve Genewick as they track MONK'estra, the band of jazz pianist and composer John Beasley. In the Studio A live room, the duo show where the musicians will be sat, explain how to achieve separation, and reveal their microphones of choice plus suitable alternatives. On the other side of the glass, you'll see what preamps are favoured depending on the source, and learn about the entire signal flow implemented for the session. Genewick discusses the sends for headphone mixes and effects, shares reverb settings, and gives a few useful tips for Pro Tools efficiency. Al & Steve proceed to record the sixteen musicians live through the Neve 88RS, the result of which sounds almost like a finished record! Source

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