September 22, 2021

Songs That Changed Music: Rolling Stones - Get Off My Cloud 2


➡️➡️Learn more about Rolling Stones' " Get Off My Cloud" here:
➡️➡️Watch our other Songs, Artists, and Albums That Changed Music videos here: In the fall of 1965, The Rolling Stones found themselves overwhelmed by the immense popularity of their hit single, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and the pressure to follow that accomplishment with another great track was mounting. In a remarkable feat, the band took that demand and turned translated it into, not only just another #1 hit, but one of their most lasting, popular tracks of their 50-plus year career -“Get Off of My Cloud.” The song opens with Charlie Watts’ iconic drums. They set the tone and illustrate his classic sound. Watts had learned his technique observing the world of jazz – the records of Thelonius Monk, Jelly Roll Morton and Charlie Parker. Inspired by the drumming of Chico Hamilton (who had played with Charles Mingus and Dexter Gordon) Watts had created his first snare drum out of a banjo head:“I wanted to play like that, with brushes. I didn’t have a snare drum, so I put the banjo head on a stand.” “Get Off of My Cloud” may not employ that brushed, drum sound, but it does perfectly illustrate the elegant swing of his heavy pulse. “Get Off of My Cloud” was recorded at RCA studios in Hollywood on September 6 and 7, 1965. RCA’s original location had been near NBC studios since 1959, but in April of 1964, the studio had moved to its new location on Sunset Blvd where it remained until the late seventies. This was the space in which the Rolling Stones would record many of their classic tracks, as would Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, Eartha Kitt, Elvis Presley and Henry Mancini. The song was produced by Oldham with Dave Hassinger as the engineer. The sessions were quick, trying to capitalize on the band’s immediate popularity. The track was released only a few weeks later, on September 25 in the US and October 25 in the UK. It immediately became a hit, topping the Billboard Hot 100 on November 5, 1965. It also held the number one spot in the UK, Canada and Germany and the number two spot in several other countries including Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, and the Netherlands. And it remained a hit – a staple of classic rock radio and a beloved classic for generations. In 1989, the Stones were inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll hall of fame, and they remain active performers to this day. As one of the band’s biggest early hits, “Get Off of My Cloud” helped establish The Rolling Stone’s legacy as rock’s original bad boys, and certainly one of the biggest (and longest lasting) bands in rock history. ❤️My Favorite Plugins:
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