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I created this short course to help other beat makers online maximize profit and promotion from one rap beat.  Selling beats is just one aspect of how you should create income.Most beat makers just upload beats to their beat players and that's it... 

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4 Videos that will teach you How To
Maximise Profit & Promotion From 1 Rap Beat

Duration: 9mins

In this video above I just discuss , the rap beat itself as a product. Where you have a four-tiered pricing structure. Which includes The Non-Exclusive Rap Beats Lease:
The Premium Wav Rap Beat Lease:
The Platinum Tracked Out Rap Beat Lease: The Exclusive Rap Beat

Duration: 13mins

I speak about targeting the casual listener marketing. Beats Singles - Streaming Sites - Adsense. Beat makers tend to forget that there are tons of mixtape site out there with areas there to promote and sell their beats to the casual hip hop listener. 

Duration: 19min

In this video, I really step it up. With just one rap beat you can write and article about how you made this one rap beat. You can sell your rap drum kits, your rap samples, and sounds, become and affiliate for different drum sites / beat making courses.

Main Benefit of Course 4

Duration: 13mins

I discuss how you can add your rap beat to multiple beat websites. All of these sites have established audiences and email lists with rappers who want to buy beats. 


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See how easy it can be to profit from your
beats other than just selling the beat.  You just have to be a little more creative.  Think outside the box...

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