June 30, 2021

PureMix Mentors | Start To Finish Series With ill Factor | Learn To Produce & Record All In-The-Box 2


Watch as Producer ill Factor and Jared Evan begin with a simple beat idea and write an entire song on camera, showing you every step of the creative process along the way. Once the production is complete, they take it to their good friend and world-renowned mixing engineer, Jimmy Douglass, for his legendary touch. Then, with a mix from one of the world's most renowned mixing engineers, it's off to mastering engineer to the stars, Dave Kutch, where you'll watch him master the song and then cut it to vinyl, explaining every move as he goes. This is your chance to sit in the room with an incredible artist, producer, mixing engineer, and mastering engineer to see the entire process, from Start To Finish. Only on pureMix.net After watching the masters at work, you'll be able to add their techniques to your toolbox and apply what you have learned to your next session. Watch: https://www.puremix.net/start-to-finish-series-feat-illfactor-jaredevans-jimmydouglass-davekutch.html Follow pureMix for exclusive excerpts and latest news 🎛️
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