July 7, 2022

Production Seminar (Episode 3) with Jaycen Joshua & Dave Pensado 2


Full video available exclusively on https://mwtm.org/dp_jj_seminar Hosted at Studios La Fabrique, this series documents an in-depth conversation between two iconic mix engineers and seminar attendees. Speaking amongst themselves and addressing questions from participants, Dave Pensado and Jaycen Joshua discuss a number of elements that have been paramount to their illustrious careers. They elaborate on psychological, technical, and logistical factors, from handling clients and maximizing efficiency to enhancing perceived loudness. The two reveal some of their favorite mix techniques and refer to instances on projects when they’ve reached both positive and negative outcomes. They impart a great deal of knowledge gained from working with highly skilled artists, producers, and mastering engineers, being honest about lessons learned from their successes and failures. Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKXWHQwO81I


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