October 14, 2021

Production Challenge: Transpose Your Halloween costume into a song 2


We're challenging viewers to make a Halloween themed track – Let's check out the finalists LIVE! Trick or Treat – what's your ideal Halloween costume? Whether it's a subtle nod to Squid Game, full Freddy Kruger or a science experiment gone wrong it's time to bring the Halloween party to your music and win a giant treat from Thenatan including their newest plugin Tape Piano 2! ► Get the latest production tools and education: https://www.adsrsounds.com/
► Join the ADSR Discord Server https://discord.gg/3KtEWraUxt For this week's challenge you should first decide on your favourite costume – what you'd wear if money was no object! Then bring all those elements into a song – something that would announce your arrival to one hell of a Halloween bash. Ding Dong Trick or Treat?!!!! Some Rules:
– No sampling/resampling from any 3rd party/work you don't have the rights to – No limits on genre or bpm. – By entering the challenge you give ADSR a non-exclusive license to broadcast your track, name, artist name and any text and visuals submitted with the track for the purposes of the stream and promoting the challenge. #productionchallenge #musicproduction #producerchallenge #makemusic #livestreaming #newmusic Learn more from The Youtube channel Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAxvL0eVi3U



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