October 5, 2021

Production Challenge: Make a song that marks the change of season 2


For this week's challenge, we asked you to produce a song that communicates a change of season. Let's hear what you guys submitted!
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► Join the ADSR Discord Server https://discord.gg/3KtEWraUxt Since Autumn/Fall has just arrived we thought we'd revisit a classic musical motif – the changing of the seasons. Whether it's Summer to Fall, fall to winter or…? Any other season that you favour we want to hear the change in the weather and your mood in your music. Some Rules: No sampling/resampling from any 3rd party/work you don't have the rights to, No limits on genre or bpm. By entering the challenge you give ADSR a non-exclusive license to broadcast your track, name, artist name and any text and visuals submitted with the track for the purposes of the stream and promoting the challenge. If you have any questions or comments or to submit hit us up in the ADSR Discord Server https://discord.gg/3KtEWraUxt (production-challenge-info channel) ⊗ Submission Deadline: 9am Pacific Time Wednesday October 6, 2021 ⊗ We will livestream the results on Wednesday October 6 at 7pm Pacific Time #productionchallenge #creativechallenge #adsr #musicproduction #producerlife #musictalks #makebettermusic #livestreaming Learn more from The Youtube channel Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_QniJtj0bE



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