September 8, 2021

Production Challenge: Make a musical tribute to the TR-909 2


This week we challenged you to MAKE A TRIBUTE TO THE TR-909! Now, let's check out the finalists LIVE! ► Get the latest production tools and education: https://www.adsrsounds.com/
► Join the ADSR Discord Server https://discord.gg/3KtEWraUxt To enter you need to create a musical tribute to the legendary TR-909. The drum patterns from Roland's TR-909 are legendary and inspired many genres in electronic music from techno to house in the underground to the mainstream. Synonymous with Techno, for this challenge you don't have to go full techno but you should put 909's front and centre ⊗ Submission Deadline: 9am Pacific Time Wednesday September 08, 2021 ⊗ We will livestream the results on Wednesday September 08 at 7pm Pacific Time WIN SOUNDWEAVER FROM BOOM LiBRARY https://bit.ly/3sP9OQx 3 FEATURED SUBMISSIONS WILL RECEIVE: A $100 ADSR store voucher to use on sounds and samples A limited edition ADSR TShirt Bragging Rights with the Production Challenge Winner Role THE CHALLENGE STANDOUT WILL ALSO WIN: SoundWeaver from Boom Interactive! – MSRP $215 https://bit.ly/3sP9OQx SOUNDWEAVER IS AN AUDIO LAYERING WIZARD SoundWeaver helps you design new sounds from existing audio material in less time. SoundWeaver opens up a highly inspirational sound design workflow. SoundWeaver explores the depths of your sound library. KEY FEATURES SoundWeaver automatically picks, slices, aligns and layers sounds Search by keywords, folders or drag’n’drop Pitch, offset, gain, shuffle and switch out individual sounds, groups or the whole project Each of the previous parameters can be randomized. Export: Drag’n’drop the project into your DAW Export as: Individual layers, groups or mixdown Export features: Generate variations using pitch, offset or random takes Take snapshots and return to your favorite combinations, parameter settings and sounds at will #musicproduction #producerchallenge #makemusic #livestreaming #filmscore #musictalks Powered by Restream https://restream.io/ Learn more from The Youtube channel Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIs9UXuh15E



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