Producing and recording piano with Greg Wells



In this sneak peek, discover Greg Wells’ process to record piano and learn more about his production approach.
Full video available now on We're thrilled to bring you a series unlike any other we have released to date! For the first time ever, we're sharing footage from one of our exclusive seminars at Studios La Fabrique. You can observe the transformation of a demo song to a fully-fledged production by Greg Wells and Keala Settle. The supremely talented duo listen to the demo of 'Hands Tied', then embark on a collaborative journey of writing, arrangement, performance, recording, and production. You will see how the process unfolded from scratch – overcoming obstacles, moments of brilliance, trying different microphones and spaces, improvising, and reaching the pre-mix finish line. Complementary to the seminar footage, the series is narrated by Greg Wells. He describes the process, reveals his songwriting and tracking techniques, details his drum editing and vocal tuning approach, and shares so much more of his extensive knowledge! Source

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