November 25, 2021

Prodcast 2: Making Beats + Mixing A Client's Song in Pro Tools 2


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The weekly podcast series, called the ProdCast – a podcast designed for producers and beat makers. Every week we will cover something new and feature new tutorials, teachings, and products. In this prodcast episode, we will be…
– Making A Unique FIRE Beat in FL Studio using a sample from the AT Ambience Trap Sample & MIDI Kit, and adding our own spin to the sample.
– Beat The Clock Challenge, a challenge where we try to make a beat from scratch in only 10 minutes.
– Mixing a song by Nell3x in Pro Tools. This is a paid client job where I break down my process of mixing, mastering, and cleaning up a song. We then compare the different versions of the song. Clips from this prodcast will be uploaded throughout the week. Links:
AT Ambience Trap Sample & MIDI Pack – https://www.beatitat.com/product/at-ambience-trap-sample-midi-kit/ AT The Wave 4 Sample & MIDI Pack – https://www.beatitat.com/product/at-the-wave-sample-midi-pack-4/ Nell3x IG – https://www.instagram.com/_nell3x/ Nell3x Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/76PnoxfzavgWr2BlIJDGKj?si=8I9cyZx-RZurFIEpVa4oHg Nell3x YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0OoXjFWMrH3Osd6OE_f3Fg https://www.beatitat.com/ Timeline:
00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:38 – Playing Samples
00:03:27 – Start Beat Making
00:13:20 – 808 Pattern
00:16:05 – Verse Drums
00:25:40 – Working On Chorus
00:31:47 – FL Studio Crash
00:32:21 – Working On Chorus
00:35:33 – Printing Melodies
00:36:58 – Working On Chorus More
00:41:40 – Lead Chorus Melody
00:45:55 – More Chorus Work
00:51:14 – Working On Verse 2
00:51:45 – More Chorus Work
01:00:00 – Beat Structure
01:06:04 – Wrapping Up The Beat
01:08:40 – Mixing & Mastering
01:12:01 – Final Beat Playthrough
01:17:23 – Beat The Clock Challenge
01:30:00 – BTCC Final Beat
01:34:15 – Pro Tools Prep
01:40:20 – Routing
01:42:30 – Vocal Mixing
01:50:57 – More Routing
01:53:10 – More Mixing
01:56:20 – Vocal Stab Mixing
02:01:15 – Vocal Adlib Mixing
02:06:40 – More Mixing Work
02:17:55 – Final Mix Thoughts
02:20:58 – Removing Clicks & Clips
02:27:54 – Reviewing The MIxes Discord Link – https://discord.gg/JAnvcAy
Be sure to follow the Beat It AT team on IG:
Instagram: beatitat
Instagram: therealAndrewRapier
Instagram: tchang_beatitat
** Learn To Make Beats Like The Pros ** – https://goo.gl/qiAZJT
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