November 23, 2022

POLYEND PLAY a new kind of sample based groovebox // in-depth review & pros and cons 2


Welcome back! Today I have a groovebox review of the Polyend Play for you. Sponsored by DistroKid Want to buy a Polyend Play? Check it here *affiliate linsk support the channel without any cost to you Also check out todays guest Noir: Want to support Bobeats? SYNTH MERCH
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00:00 Intro & Bo's Music Demos
03:43 TL;DR what is the PLAY?
08:06 Unique sequencer explained
17:29 Great for coming up with new ideas!
23:02 It is portable (but not great in sunlight)
24:08 Negative: Stereo out only is a BIG limitation!
24:50 Performance FX Explained
27:30 Negative: Can't record Perf FX
30:15 MIDI sequencing explained
35:37 Negative: We gotto talk about the touch capacitive knobs
37:35 FINAL THOUGHTS (don't miss this!)
39:20 Two song demos I made with PLAY #PolyendPlay #Bobeats #Groovebox Source


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