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September 6, 2023

Ozone 11 is it good? Worth the Upgrade? iZotope Mastering Suite VST Audio Plugins 2


Adam gives his opinion on the new Ozone 11 Advanced audio plugin suite release from iZotope. Script/Notes: Ozone changes: Do not like: GUI scaling does not change text size still.
Does not maintain GUI size. Codec Preview bugs still not squashed. Have to set up your own defaults. VST 2.4 support dropped. I suppose it was envitable…I warned you guys it would eventually happen! Stem Focus not available on individual modules. Have to type negative numbers into Maximizer Output Level now. Like: still unofficially supports Windows 7, although I did have some issues installing it. Download help.dll not found but it worked anyway. Transient/sustain processing. Stem focus is cool, but this new channel processing mode is a very powerful mixing tool. Supported in both Standard and Advanced Ozone. Upward Compress…makes expansion processing very easy. Great compliment to Maximizer's IRC limiter and soft clip. It's a great suite of plugins. Advertised as mastering software but it's always been more useful than that. Master Assistant continues to improve. Genre and Custom Targets are handy as is the new Vocal Balance assist. With Version 9, I rarely used it. With version 11, it will probably be the first thing I reach for. 10: Apple Silicon Support Delta monitoring. Stabilizer module – Sculpt a balanced sound. Essentially an easy to use Dynamic EQ. Impact module – Control micro dynamics. A "biggerizer". Could be very useful for automation.
Transient tamer. Magnify Soft Clip in the Maximizer module:
saturation and clipping BEFORE limiting.
"Brings tracks forward and adds more hi-fi loudness" Light = 3 dB below threshold.
Moderate (M) = 9 dB below threshold improved Master Assistant – Tone, dynamics and width match. Recover Sides in Imager. Narrows problem frequencies without
losing depth/power 10 to 11: Apart of the new Music Production Suite 6 package. Delta on more/all modules. Transient/Sustain channel mode. Upward Compression, now available in the Maximizer module. Previous apart of Dynamics only. Apply modules to certain elements of the mix. It took what Master Rebalance did for gain and made it better. It's called Stem Focus and works on vocals, drums or bass. Unfortunately, Advanced version only. Clarity Module (Advanced only): Hundreds of bands to maximize your audio's spectral power. If you're familiar with mixing or mastering to pink noise, this essentially makes that process easier. A very interesting module that allows perceived loudness to be increased, details uncovered while not sounding harsh. Amount
Scales the gain of Clarity’s spectral processing. At 100, the maximum gain that Clarity can possibly boost or cut is 6 dB. Tilt 0 = pink noise, neutral sound.
Positive values are brighter, negative are darker. Attack
Adjusts the amount of time (in milliseconds), for Clarity to react to the incoming signal. Release
Adjusts the amount of time (milliseconds) for Clarity to return to a baseline of no gain change. Difference Meter and Action Region
Displays the tonal changes that the Clarity processing is applying. This is similar to an EQ where frequency is measured from left to right and gain is up and down. Different from an EQ, Clarity will adapt its spectral contour over time. The Clarity processing can be constrained to a particular frequency area with the action region handles. The action region allows for processing between 300 Hz and 20kHz Bottom Line: If you're still on Ozone version 9 or below, for me the upgrade is recommended. Tips about recording, mixing and mastering audio. Learn More Here Source


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