June 5, 2021

Motion 201: Creating Titles and 3D Effects - Introduction 2


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Motion 201: Creating Titles and 3D Effects by Iain Anderson
Video 1 of 24 for Motion 201: Creating Titles and 3D Effects Apple's Motion app is perfect for creating all sorts of text animations and 3D effects to use in your video projects. It's a deep software with lots of functionalities hidden under the hood, and it can be challenging to master its more advanced features. But fear not… Motion expert Iain Anderson is here to reveal how it all works in this 24-tutorial course. Iain starts the course by revealing how to create and animate titles and get exactly the results you're looking for. You learn to save time with preset text behaviors, how to publish your work for quick use in Final Cut Pro, and how to make your titles compatible with multiple aspect ratios. You then step into the advanced world of creating 3D text, where you explore different material and learn to create your own. The topics of lighting, reflections, shadows and working with 3D cameras are all covered in depth. The final tutorials explore animating and replicating 3D objects. It's time to dive deep into Apple's Motion. Join certified trainer Iain Anderson in this course, and get your Motion skills to the next level! More info on this title: https://j.mp/2T4eQKX Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MN2oVhIrAg4



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