Mixing Modern Ad Libs Tutorial /// Using a free “SECRET” SAUCY plugin



In todays video you can see the processing I did for the ad libs on the track called "Stoney" from Sanito.
I`m showing everything from saturation, eq, compression, "secret" plugin and you can achieve great results using this tehnique when mixing modern ad libs. 2probeats membership : http://bit.ly/2probeatsJOIN Buy my mixing template : http://bit.ly/MixingTemplate2020 • Website : https://2probeats.com/
• Instagram : http://instagram.com/2probeats
• Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/2probeats
• Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/2probeats MIX TALK on Facebook : https://goo.gl/7sQ3o1 Purchase plugins from PluginBoutique : http://bit.ly/2probeatsPluginBoutique My list of plugins : Waves plugins : https://bit.ly/2probeatsWaves The perfect EQ : http://bit.ly/2probeatsFabfilterPro-Q3
My most used delay : http://bit.ly/2probeatsEchoBoy
Cheap delay : http://bit.ly/2probeatsEchoBoyJr
Great vocal compressor : http://bit.ly/2probeatsFET76
Pitch correction Auto-Tune Pro : http://bit.ly/2probeatsFET76
Cheap pitch correction :Auto-Tune EFX+ : http://bit.ly/2probeatsEFXplus
Best limiter : http://bit.ly/2probeatsFabfilterPro-L2
Cheap limiter : http://bit.ly/2probeatsTDRLimiter6
Flexible compressor : http://bit.ly/2probeatsFabfilterProC
Best for Mastering : http://bit.ly/2probeatsOzone9Adv
Make it loud : http://bit.ly/2probeatsInflatorV3
Make it retro : http://bit.ly/2probeatsRC-20
Pitched vocals : http://bit.ly/2probeatsAlterBoy
Complex saturation : http://bit.ly/2probeatsFabfilterSaturn
Flexible deesser : http://bit.ly/2probeatsFabfilterDS
Multi-effects : http://bit.ly/2probeatsShaperBox2 Disclaimer:
Some of the links above have an affiliate code – if you purchase plugins with these links, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you! Source https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TClqI8aAev4

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